Friday, July 8, 2011

8th July :)

Hey family/ friends/ pets/ whatever!
Got up and had a chaotic meeting after waiting 2 hours for breakfast. We then split off into different groups to do the different tasks we needed to do to be ready for the trek tomorrow. Some of us went and got the food, some for equipment, some for toilet roll and others to sort out R & R for after the project phase. The food people were a bit disappointed as were expecting to be able to barter down prices. But the cooks ended up do all of it and we weren't even needed until it came to paying! This also happened for the people getting eqiptment; they had to get a 40 minute bus ride just to sit for 3 hours while the bloke got all the stuff then got told to get the bus back. The team who got the toilet roll did a very good job and even got a SPARE ROLL!!!!! We then went back to the hotel and played some card games as a group which was fun and relaxing after a frustrating day. We then went for a meal all together at a very nice restaurant but it was still very cheap. Mine was so amaing I actually had a culinary orgasm :D. After the meal we went round the town in groups to get snacks for the trek and do a bit of shopping. Tomorrow we have to get up early to get bus at 9 to go to trek where we probs won't have any internet...

Bye for now,
(Proof-read by Poppy :] )


  1. Glad you got it proof read but your dad still managed to find the odd spelling mistake.

    Nice to see that you are enjoying your food so much.

    Have fun and take care

  2. Hi Nikki,
    Perhaps next time you ask Poppy to proof read you should suggest she takes her sunglasses off and puts her other glasses on!!
    Glad to hear the toilet roll situation is under control as you never know when you will need it most (or perhaps you do since you are all keeping a diary of these events!)
    Look atfer each other and enjoy.

  3. Just realised I made a typo....damn. Not the thing to do when you've just ridiculed your daughter for the same thing. Sorry Poppy x